What will Nokia’s first LTE WP8 phone look like? what will it do?



Nokia has already designed and manufactured its first LTE Windows Phone 8 device, and it will definitely use every single feature supported by the new WP8 OS.

we will see it at Nokia World in September.


Nokia’s WP8 phone will the first “TRUE” competitor to iPhone and Android devices, The current Lumia devices never stood a chance in the mobile ecosystem, according to reports, since a year ago, the Lumia family have sold a little over 3million units, compared to 12million+ units the N8 sold in its first year.


Even S.Elop said he wasn’t impressed with how the Lumia 900 was doing in the market, and blamed it on carrier sales reps (not gonna mention any names, but we all know who).



Joe Belfiore during the WP Summit last week in San Francisco demonstrated the new Windows Phone 8 UI from a Nokia device he conveniently reiterated was a “prototype”, it had a generic shape (rectangular with curved edges), with a large screen (4+ inches) with 720p resolution, NFC chip, dual core processor. Though Joe did say it was a prototype and will most probably not see the light of day, I’m certain those hardware features will be on Nokia’s first WP8, why else will they make a prototype?


Here’s what I believe would be everyone’s wish list for Nokia’s flagship WP8 device (hardware wise):


  • 4+ inch screen
  • PureView 41MP camera
  • xenon/LED flash
  • 720/1080p HD recording
  • dual core processor
  • polycarbonate uni-body or some sort of pretty&tough casing
  • Dolby sound
  • HDMI port
  • BIG battery


Obviously, this would be a high end device, there are already a few concept Nokia WP8 phones you can check them out at concept phones.

Here are a few I found interesting…



This is the closest to the prototype Joe Belfiore held at the WP Summit, as you can see it has a large screen with curved edges.



This is a nice concept I really wouldn’t mind seeing coming to reality…


NOkia is very receptive to turning concpet phones to reality, they did the same with the Nokia 311, as you can see from the image below, the first device is a concpet Nokia used sometime last year to demonstrate how NFC works, and you can see how they took that concept  and tuened it into the Nokia 311 today.


Nokia Concept                                                                                               Nokia 311



Microsoft has greatly improved on the OS, making an unparalleled unified experience between PC, tablet and Phones, where developers can even develop apps easily across the platforms.


Unified experience between PC, Tablet and Phone



Nokia really has to get this one right this time, there’s absolutely no room for failure, there are also no excuses this time. Their flagship WP8 device has to blow the competition out of the water.

Come September Nokia will blow the competition.. We Hope!





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