What’s Coming in Windows Phone 7.8?

So the news is out and by now you know that if you currently own a Windows Phone you will not be getting the full boat of a Windows Phone 8 upgrade you will be getting a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade instead.
What’s in WP7.8 you ask…According to Paul Thurrott (a Microsoft expert) here is what is coming your way.

Start screen. The Windows Phone 7.8 Starts screen will be changed to look like that of Windows Phone 8. It will fill the entry screen with tiles, and not leave a strange ā€œwhite spaceā€ gutter on the right side, as does Windows Phone 7.x. (This was apparently the source of some great number of user complaints, the theme being that Windows Phone doesnā€™t completely take advantage of its onscreen real estate. Commoners.)

Tile customization. Windows Phone 7.8 will now support three tile sizes, just like Windows Phone 8, and not two like the current version. And apps can be written to support any of the three sizes, giving the user the ability to choose between them (as is done with Windows 8ā€™s live tiles). In addition to the current Small (square) and Large (rectangular) sizes, Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 will also support a new Smaller size, which is a fingertip-sized square that is one-fourth the size of a small Tile. Mix and match as you please.

Windows Update. Windows Phone 7.8 will be delivered directly to all Windows Phone users, bypassing the carriers. You will be able to download and install Windows Phone 7.8 over Wi-Fi, at home or wherever else, and install this update. This type of updating will be made available in Windows Phone 8.

Why are you not getting the full upgrade you ask?Ā  It’s simply a hardware issue.Ā  The 2nd Gen Windows Phones do not support a lot of the updates. However it seems that Lumia 610 users will get a little more than everyone else. (The 610 has NFC Baked in) According to this tweet from Nokia:

I think this means this mean that even though the Nokia Lumia 610 is the cheapest 2nd Gen Windows Phone on the Market it will get more of the WP8 update than any other Windows Phone on the Market today. Irony!

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