Updated! My Guess On Whats Happening Monday From Nokia (PureView 808 Coming to the US)

I was looking at the clues posted by @nokiaus facebook page, you can see them Here, and at 1st i had no clue what they meant, but after the second Clue which was this

This is a Roland TR- 808 BIG CLUE THERE,  then i go back to the 1st Clue which is this

Which makes it look like its map related with 1st clue, but then 2nd clue would make no sense, but the thing that Got me was that Hawaii is shown and the area code of Hawaii is 808, so this concludes me to believe that this would be the release of the Nokia Pure View 808 here in the States.

Who would like to bet against me on this, i am very confident to say its this. I would assume it would be sold by Amazon as i doubt a U.S. carrier would pick  up a Symbian phone.

Who ever did the clues at the NokiaUs face book page, Kudos to them, great job.

Here is another clue that just showed up on the Nokia US site.


This is part of a cover from a band called the 808 band! Here is the full cover below!

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  1. […] That my friend is part of an album cover from a band called (drumroll please) the 808 band! From the Album ex:el Deluxe Edition. Again this was figured out by Lenny Bonsignore (@THE_TRUTH34) of Nokia Innovations.  […]

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