Microsoft considered acquiring Nokia, but content with Partnership! [updated]

Last week, news about Samsung acquiring Nokia sparked a hike in Nokia’s stock value, as it rose from $2.88 to $3.03/share, as investors looked to acquire more stock knowing the value the Samsung acquisition will mean for the struggling Finnish Telecom Giant.

Fast forward to today, and Nokia’s share is currently down to $2.82/share (trading still ongoing at time of writing this) following the report from undisclosed sources that Microsoft was indeed looking to acquire the telecom giant but backed off after looking into Nokia’s financial books, while other rumors showed Nokia was just unwilling to sell, either way it’s not looking good for Nokia as their value continues to depreciate, at the moment their stock is currently undervalued.

That’s just a rumor, and we will continue to hear about them until Nokia’s stock begins to improve, and we probably wouldn’t see any improvement at least until Microsoft/Nokia release a road map in regards to the release of Windows Phone 8 devices.

Currently, Microsoft and Nokia have a partnership that is mutually beneficial to both companies, there really is no need for an acquisition, the only incentive to acquire Nokia right now would be for its intellectual property.




Like as if Microsoft’s rejection of acquiring Nokia wasn’t bad enough Samsung have just released an official statement saying they too are not interested in buying the company!

As you know the rumor of Samsung planning to acquire Nokia last week sparked a 6% increase in Nokia’s stock value. but that increase has been erased today as Samsung officially denied any involvement in trying to acquire Nokia.

Nokia’s looking like the lonely girl in the corner at a high school prom!

Source: GSMArena

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Lenny Bonsignore
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