21mins interview with Nokia US President: Chris Weber

Chris Weber, Nokia US President was interviewed/grilled by Howard Chui (from Howard Forums) on the state of Nokia and its move forward with Windows Phone.

Here are a few pointers to get from the 21mins video interview:

If you feel the video is too long, here are the main pointers I grabbed after watching it, most are already information we already knew, and Chris is reiterating…

The Marketplace (WP app store) had 6,000 before the Nokia partnership, and today it has grown to 90,000+ apps.
We should expect some Iconic Nokia devices in the future.
Pure-view technology used on the 41MP Nokia 808 will come to future Lumia devices.
Consumers would expect some nice surprises/delights on the platform from Nokia in the very near future.
Nokia will be bringing enhancements to the WP OS, specific to Nokia.
More Nokia unique Apps are coming to the “Nokia Collection” section of the marketplace
Nokia is currently evaluating whether or not to bring its Music service (Mix Radio) to the US.
Nokia’s focus in order to succeed in the US is based on 4 key areas: Design, Imaging, Location&Commerce, and unique apps.
Nokia wouldn’t be revealing sales numbers of the Lumia 900, until it has gained 100% market share of the mobile industry.
There is no plan B should windows phone fail to make an impact.
and no comment on when we will see a WP8 phone

In my own opinion and as a long time Symbian user turned windows phone user, I think its a real gutsy move by Nokia to ditch Symbian and go WP, but I wouldn’t judge (and neither should anyone) until we see the first Windows Phone 8 Nokia smartphone. If Nokia does not get it right, then THEY ARE DONE!

VIA: WMPowerUser

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