Nokia Stock is up 4% Because of Rumor of Sale

Its so amazing what can rumors do these days. Hey if you bought some Nokia shares last week I guess this is your lucky day. Nokia was up 4% today not because they did something good or drastic. Just because of a rumor of its Arch-rival in the Mobile Phone business Samsung planning to buy Nokia’s struggling Mobile Business Unit.

Really? That does not make sense at all.  I know Samsung can afford Nokia now, but would you think other rivals would appreciate the number 1 and 2 biggest mobile manufacturer in the world to merge in 1? Heck just in the US we can’t even merge AT&T and T-Mobile.

Let me believe for a second Nokia is to be sold.. Just for a second..

The most logical Company that I think will buy Nokia is no other than Microsoft.


  • The CEO Stephen Elop came from Microsoft.
  • Elop dumped almost everything Nokia has going for and adopted the new Microsoft Mobile OS Windows Phone 7.
  • Elop has moved most of the productivity to the US shores.

Isn’t it kind of clear yet where I’m going here? Elop is like a virus silently branding Nokia to become Microsoft.

Well like I said.. Just to believe that for a second, now back to reality.. I still don’t believe Nokia will be sold, if ever it is, I think Elop will be fired 1st before that happens.

Anyways.. Just wanted to share my opinion over this rumor. I mean thanks to whoever started it but we really don’t want Nokia’s shares to spike up because of a rumor of sale of the company. We want Nokia to succeed and be back to the throne of King of Mobile Phone sales of the world. I still remember the glory days of Nokia and I believe this can be achieved again.

What about you? Is Nokia dead?


Source: via CNN Money


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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