Dark Knight Rises on the Nokia Lumia 900



Nokia announced via its Twitter, that it will be unleashing the Dark Knight themed Lumia 900 in coming weeks.


The phone is a reminder of the limited edition Dark Knight themed Lumia 800 (there were only 40 of them) that were distributed to select few last year.


There is no difference between this version and your regular Lumia 900 function/feature wise, and under no circumstances should it be compared to Batman’s utility belt.

However, the main difference is the Dark Knight logo laser-ed in at the bottom on the back of the device, it comes only on the Black matte finish Lumia 900.


Nokia phones have been making cameo’s in the Batman franchise, since Chris Nolan took over, if you remember it was the Nokia 5800 that was used to disable the skyscraper building’s security in Honk Kong, when batman went to get the mob’s accountant (in Batman II: Dark Knight)


It will be available in coming weeks to UK, Germany, France and other European markets (no word on a US appearance) and exactly how many will be available? no one knows, but it is said to be in very limited quality.


Here are shots of the elusive device:









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