Nokia’s Vertu Phones bring Color


While Nokia is pondering whether or not to sell its Luxury Phone making division (Vertu) for $264.29million, they have decided to have some fun with its Vertu Phones as they do with their S40, Symbian, MeeGo and Windows Phones, by adding colors… bright colors!

Vertu will be releasing its constellation candy collection this summer…



Obviously, these phones are for the fashion minded upper class citizens, they are no ordinary phones, they are made from Alligator skin (sorry PETA) and natural gemstones, so it’s safe to say these aren’t phones, they are pieces of jewelry!

These phones run on Symbian, yes Symbian, but before you say anything, remember these are not really phones, they are jewelry, I don’t think anyone would buy this with the intent of playing “Angry Birds” or “Doodle Jump”


These gemstones now come in many many colors: Raspberry, Tangerine, Mint Green, White Sapphire Leather, Pink Leather, Black Leather and more…

Here are some images




The Constellation Candy phone collection is available in the UAE, China, EU, HongKong, India, Macau, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Will you get one? <<< that’s me being sarcastic 🙂