WhatsApp updated on Windows Phone, Symbian and MeeGo.

WhatsApp just got updated across all Nokia fronts…

On Lumia devices, WhatsApp got updated to v2.0, with this new update comes the bility to now add a profile pic, I also noticed the app now starts up faster than before, which is a good thing especially since Windows Phone’s idea of multi-tasking is deeply flawed (will be corrected in WP8), then there are other minor bugs fixes (under the hood improvements). get whatsapp 2.0 for Lumia.

On Symbian devices, WhatsApp got updated to v2.6.91, this updates is mainly brings minor bug fixes and improvements, nothing to see here! get whatsapp 2.6.91for symbian

For the MeeGo running N9, the unofficial WhatsApp client Wazapp, in less than a week from release gets a quick update to v0.2 and it brings a whole lot of goodies…
Change log v0.2:

  • Revamped UI! Big thanks to CepiPerez!
  • Fixed crash on sync when trying to decode a None status (Should fix initializing then crash issue)
  • Now links in Speechbubbles are parsed and clickable (Thanks to @knobtviker)
  • Splash screen is now swipable (thanks to MohammedAG)
  • Splash picture is cooler now (Thanks to flopjoke)
  • Added autocheck of updates and fetching changelog
  • Notifications now don’t interrupt calls/music
  • Notification sound changed to default chat sound (change-able from “Sound and Vibration” in phone settings)
  • Clicking notification now opens conversation directly
  • If inside conversation already, new messages are notified via a short vibration
  • Now conversation bubbles are not duplicated after sync
  • Now handling connection sudden termination (recv 0 bytes) during login
  • Status bar is hidden now in conversation landscape mode
  • If reader thread fails for any reason connection is restarted automatically now
  • Context menu when hold down to a speech bubble, currently contains “copy” only
  • Added ability to delete conversations. Holding down a conversation item in chats window opens menu.
  • Now a ping is sent every 3 minutes to make sure connection is alive
  • Added “No contacts yet” label when there are no contacts
  • Temporarily disabled auto sync when there are no contacts (solves crash on sync cases)

Get Wazapp for Nokia N9

So whatever platform you are running on your Nokia phone, get updated!

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