Nokia 808 PureView coming to the US!



I remember Nokia announcing last year that they will no longer bring their Symbian Phones to the US (for obvious reasons). I also remember being sad about it, but it did make sense, why waste money on producing and supporting it here when it’s only used by less than 2% of the US population.


So when Nokia announced the magnificent 41MP camera Nokia 808 with PureView technology, I didn’t get too excited as I knew we wouldn’t get it here, I mean you could get it through unofficial channels like ebay, amazon but what happens if it breaks now or for some reason, needs to be replaced? Since Nokia isn’t releasing it here in the States then you are just stuck with it, unless you know someone who’s traveling to a country where the Nokia 808 is officially supported!


Now the Good News, Chris Weber (Nokia US president) wants to make an exception. He was speaking at the ongoing CTIA and he mentioned that the Nokia 808 will be officially available as an unlocked phone (no carrier subsidy) through e-retailers, most likely, Nokia has a partnership with them here to sell their unlocked & unwanted Symbian phones.


This is really good news, at least now if you get the Nokia 808, you can be rest assured there’s a warranty covering it! You will be able to use it with either At&t or TMobile (or any GSM US carrier), as it supports most GSM bands


C.Weber didn’t give an exact date on when the Nokia 808 will become available, but we hope we get it at least before the end of June, the Nokia 808 will be released in other countries (Russia, India, Mexico…) later this month.



Source: PCMag


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Lenny Bonsignore
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