WazApp for the N9 Delayed?

Yup, it’s true the release date for WazApp (a 3rd party What’s App for the N9) has been delayed..sort of.  The maker of WazApp announced May 1 as a release date than clearly missed it because let’s face it…It’s currently May 3rd.

You want the long explanation here it is:

Hi, I just want to clarify something. Basically the only reason I set May 1 as a release date, wasn’t because the app was ready to be released, actually I had tons of bugs and work to do to make it actually usable by public without sucking. The only reason I set that date as a target was to force myself to fix all those issues before May 1, because otherwise it would have taken me like another month to do so. And I did fix all the issues I intended to fix on time, and was fully aiming to release a beta at that date. However when it came to testing a real scenario that included registration (which I rarely test) more things came up causing the delay. One of the things for example is that whatsapp registration code via SMS for some reason takes ALOT of time to arrive (I requested one yesterday which hasn’t arrived yet), which makes me think of adding voice request as a fallback registration method.

So yes maybe I shouldn’t have announced May 1 as a release date unless I was sure about it, but if I haven’t done so, it most probably would have been next month or something, while right now it should take only some hours of work to get it ready. But anyway I owe you an apology for not releasing it at that date and I hope no one is still mad at me

I guess just relax, wait little longer and it’s coming soon than? No worries…I will post up right here as soon as I hear it has been released for use.

Via: My Nokia Blog

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