Windows Phone 1st Generation or 2nd Generation? Which One is Right For You?


With almost every getting a Windows Phone being new to the Windows Phone OS the question lingers on which phone should I buy?  Should I go the carrier route and get a full on 2nd generation Lumia 900/710 or should I just go on Ebay and buy an older unlocked 1st generation phone?

To help you make that choice I did a side by side between a 1st Generation Samsung Focus (on the left) and a Second Generation Nokia 800 (on the right).

As you can see there is slight lag between the two and without buying an extended battery the Lumia does last twice as long as the Focus. However ultimately the choice is a personal one, if you are just buying to see if you like Windows Phone than the 1st gen. phones off Ebay might be for you. If you have tested Windows Phone and you already like it…go for a Lumia and get the better quality phone.


Questions about either one? Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me!