The Lumia 900 Illuminates with Color


After viewing countless photo galleries online and ogling at the images of the iconic cyan-colored Nokia Lumia 900 splashed across print and TV ads recently, I had my own chance today to finally experience it up close and personal in my own hands.  And yes, it’s every bit of the opposite of a shrinking violet in a sea of me-too grey and black handsets on the market today.  The cyan-colored Nokia Lumia 900, prominently featured in larger than life displays at the recent Microsoft Free-Time Machine campaign as well as in national TV ads for the product is bold, loud, and unmistakably a Nokia Lumia 900 from a distance.  The eyepopping hue is so vibrant, it really beckons to you to pick it up and just play with it. Here are a few snapshots of the eye-catching polycarbonate body of the Lumia 900 that you won’t mistake for any other phone out there.