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Three days prior to the official release of the AT&T exclusive Nokia Lumia 900, a group of tech enthusiast & bloggers from Philly, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut were invited to a special event, AT&T Mobile Review NY for the Lumia 900.  This is the second installment of the successful AT&T Mobile Review, but first one in the east coast.  The hash tag #ATTMobileReviewNY was created for the event.

The event took less than a week to plan and the most challenging part was logistics.  The Philly limo started near the historical Liberty Bell area with one stop in University City before heading to NYC.  What should have been only a two hours ride became a 3+ hours journey due to construction and rush hour traffic.  I ordered a few Kobe burgers and duck fat drizzled fries from one of my favorite Philly burger joints 500° (500_degrees).

Paul Neafey and Jordan McClead were given a cyan Nokia Lumia 900 to trail for the evening.    Kevin Everett  had been reviewing the Nokia Lumia 900 for over a week.  You can read his first impressions here.

During the three hour trip, they used the Lumia 900 for playing Xbox games they downloaded via 4G (LTE is not available yet in Philadelphia/South Jersey Market); tethering (Internet Sharing comes standard with the 900, Lumia 800 & 710 will have this feature enabled in a future update); Navigation with the Lumia exclusive Nokia Maps app and perhaps even a few calls.  The limo driver even provided Prince’s bride DVD for the dull moments.  Once we arrived in the outskirts of the New York metropolitan area, LTE service was available and we were able to get mind blowing download speeds that easily passing 20 Mbits/sec.


Shirley Yang from NBC, Johan van Mierlo from MobilityMinded, Nokia Innovation NY crew (Lenny, Arthur), our friends from 1000 Heads NY (Donna, Kathy), Adam Cohen and a few New York bloggers invited by Alix were patiently waiting for us in front of the Forum bar in their stretched white limo.  Jeb Brilliant even managed to invite a celebrity Billy Sorrells for this event.  When we finally arrived, we headed straight to 230 Fifth for the social event.  The restaurant was on the 20th floor but a group of us had a tourist moment and got into the wrong elevator.  The friendly security guy reminded us that the elevators we went into weren’t actually elevators! He probably meant to say that particular elevator would not take us to the restaurant.  The roof top bar had an amazing view of the Empire State Building.  Luckily, our event was on the level below because it was quite cold that night.

I had a great chat with Alexa from AT&T and there were a few Nokians who joined us for a few drinks.  It was a great opportunity for bloggers and tech enthusiast to share ideas and connect with AT&T and Nokia.   The LA event had started around the time our party ended, we used Tango to demonstrate video chat with Meredith, Matthew other bloggers from #ATTMobileReview LA event.  The night ended with a long but entertaining ride back to Philly via Piscataway.

Being part of setting up the Nokia Lumia AT&T Mobile Review event has made me realize how stressful event planning can be.  I have the utmost respect for PR professionals who make sure that the attendees have an excellent time.  I would like to thank Meredith, Alexa, Georgia, Jeb, Alix who have made this event possible and for giving Lenny and me the opportunity to assist as much as we could.  I am definitely looking forward to future events and hopefully this time it will be in Philly.

Jeb & Meredith at CES 2012

Check out our #ATTMobileReviewNY flickr photo set here.


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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