Smart Phone Madness Champ Nokia Lumia 900

You Heard right the Nokia Lumia 900, trounced the competition in the Laptop Magazine SmartPhone Madness competition,  it even had to beat down its sibling the Nokia Lumia 710 by close to 4000  more votes to win the Title. Though this may sound like a great victory the previous winners were
HP Palm Pre 3 (2011) & the Palm Pre Plus (2010), so lets hope it don’t suffer the same fate.
Below is the full bracket to show the competitors, as well as the announcement from LapTop Magazine.

In the end, it wasn’t even close. The Nokia Lumia 900 trounced the Lumia 710, getting more than 4,200 votes to just 454 for the latter device. Both phones overcame some tough challenges to make it to the finals: The 710 defeated both the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Nexus, and the 900 beat the Samsung Galaxy S II en route to the last match. The rabid support of Windows Phone 7 fans saw both Nokias through to the finals, though. The Lumia 900 now joins the HP Palm Pre 3 (2011) and the Palm Pre Plus (2010) in the pantheon of Smartphone Madness winners. Congrats to all!

Via: Laptop Mag

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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