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Billed as the world’s smallest smartphone, the Nokia 700 certainly lives up to the promise.  The svelte dimensions both in width and length buck the current trend towards bigger and wider phones wielding 4 to 5 inch displays now available in 2012, with seemingly larger and larger phones available by the month.  In a world of tablet size units that can tax the capacity of the largest of coat pockets, it’s refreshing that Nokia also offers a smaller smartphone for people with a penchant for skinny jeans or just yearn for the foregone days of Razr-sized phones from just a decade ago.

Nokia 700 - Even the box is small!

For me, I really appreciated the form factor of my trusty Nokia 5230, a.k.a T-Mobile branded Nuron, and the Nokia X6, which I purchased almost exactly 2 years ago.  Sure, the screen display size is a bit of a tradeoff, but the sheer pocketability of the phones were my main draw, wrapped up in a sleek, tidy package that could go anywhere I went during the day, from a business trip during the week to a weekend getaway at the beach.  The 700 is virtually 30 % thinner in appearance from its forebears to the naked eye!

Nokia 5230, Nokia X6-00, and Nokia 700, side-by-side

I’ve also supplemented my 5230 and X6 phones with my two favorite QWERTY mainstays, the Nokia E71 and then later, the E73 Mode.  I was pretty amazed to see the 700 compares favorably in sheer thinness to both of them, the E71 being widely considered to be the pinnacle of design for Nokia handsets from the 2008-2009 era, and still admired to this day for its legendary usability and robust and timeless design.   I’ve always appreciated the E71’s thin and elegant form factor, and it’s evident some of the same thin and sleek design themes have subtlely carried over to the modern day 700.

Nokia 700, Nokia E73, and Nokia E71

Finally, here’s a view of all 5 handsets lined up alongside each other, in eye-catching, alternating case colors, no less! The 700 is notably the smallest of it’s siblings, and I’m glad compact smartphones are still a part of the Nokia product portfolio in 2012.

Nokia E71, E73, 5230, X6-00, and the newest member of the family - the Nokia 700
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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