Over 1/3 of the World Plans to Make Their Next Phone Purchase a Nokia

So a while Nokia is not the phone giant it use to be, it will get back up dust itself off and be alright.  For a while there that was just my opinion but, now we are slowly getting stats into prove my case.

Case in point: According to survey done by Vuclip  It seem 36.9% or well over a a third of global consumers plan on making their next phone purchase a Nokia. The next closest manufacture is Apple at 24.8%. I know, hard to believe but it’s true!  So if this holds true it means for every 100 iPhones sold there are going to be 148 Nokia’s sold.

The only readers that would be really shocked by these number are probably going to be the ones in the US and Canada where Nokia has all but disappeared for the last few years.

So now’s your turn to speak up what’s your next phone going to be? Make your voice heard in the comments!

Lenny Bonsignore
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