Nokia Lumia Exclusive App: ACC Sports (NCAA Basketball) (AT&T, TMobile)


Another March Madness is upon us and many NCAA basketball fans will be glued to their TVs to see if their collegiate team will win the 2012 tournament.  I recently discovered the Official Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC Sports) app under the Nokia Collection in the Marketplace. This app is exclusive for Nokia Lumia phones for the next 12 months and will be free for 2 years to ACC fans. Here’s the link to the press release of the ACC Sports app.

If you own a Lumia 710 (TMobile), Lumia 900 (soon to be released on AT&T) or even a Lumia 800, you can click here to download the ACC Sports app.  Please let us know if you were able to download this app a different Windows Phone device.

The ACC Sports app opens with the scores of completed and scheduled matches.  By clicking on a completed match, the user can see the stats (top scorer, player info, and team comparison).

You can also watch video highlights of completed matches, stay updated with their team in the news section, check out the standings of your collegiate team or get some historical data on past tournaments.

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