An Open Letter to the Nokia Community



Dear Everyone,

I know that some people loved my post on “Here’s What Nokia needs to do to  Nokiafy Windows Phone” and other hated it/thought I was a rambling fool that need to calm down. Good news, everyone was right!  While I should have calmed down a little bit before I wrote that post I was just saying what a lot Nokia users were thinking.

Let’s face when you pick up a Nokia phone you expect well..A Nokia phone.  This not only means that it says Nokia on it, but it also means (to a lot of us anyway) a kind of freedom to do what with please with our phone and no one is reporting that most of that freedom is gone on the first generation of Nokia Windows phones.  The fact that I was not prepared for this lead to a lot of frustration the first few day of using the Lumia 710.  Things that I didn’t like about the OS that would have been easily changed on all other Nokia phones were sadly out of my control now and that’s frustrating as hell for a long time Nokia user.

Which leads me to my point.

First: To all Nokia users, Windows Phone is a great OS but THERE WILL BE A LEARNING CURVE it’s not grab and go OS like MeeGo.  It will feel alien to you for about three days.

Second: Everybody needs to start giving feedback to Nokia on what they like and don’t like about Windows Phone.  Nokia is going to start using their latitude that Microsoft gave them with Windows Phone, so we need to tell them what we would like to see.  Nokia is very involved with their customers and they work hard to build a community I believe they will listen.

If we just state that Windows Phone is great, I love it, etc.. and never ask for “our issues” we have with it to get fixed they never will be.  I am very passionate about my Nokia and feel everyone else read this is too, so lets speak up, be heard and help shape the future of Windows Phone/Nokia!




Kevin Everett