Tango Update Bringing Folders to Windows Phones?

Right now the only way to pin folders to your homescreen on a Windows Phone is first to unlock your phone than download an app like pictured above from Windows Phone Hacker.   But since Chevron WP7 is currently “out of unlock tokens” and isn’t actively negotiating with Microsoft for anymore unlocking tokens is a little harder to do than it use to be.

If  the source over at My Microsoft Life is right soon you will not have to worry about sideloading folders onto your Windows Phone. It seems Microsoft will do that for you with Tango update!

The other piece of information about Tango is perhaps more substantial and it is that the update will allow users to create “folders” on their start screen. This will allow users to group applications together for a tidier start screen and I would guess quicker access to apps.

In case you were wondering the first part of the update was tweak of the Media Player in Windows Phone.  Since I haven’t gotten my hands on a Windows Phone yet so I don’t quite understand what he’s talking about. I’d imagine quite a few of you out there do so here is that bit of  information.

Microsoft plans to tweak the design of the media controls in Windows Phone so that it takes up less room on the screen. In the first release of Windows the media player controls were inconsistently placed across the OS but with Mango Microsoft changed this problem with a revised UI for the media playback. However, the new designed has received complaints that it takes up too much vertical space on the screen. In Tango the design for the media controls will appear like a notification and therefore take up less space at the top of the screen.

While I don’t know much about the media player update I am already looking forward to the “Folders” update and I don’t even have Windows Phone yet.

Via: My Microsoft Life

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