N9 to get Folders, Video Calling, Improved Copy and Paste in PR1.2 Update?

Apparently I got my N9 from the wrong source.  Instead of buying it from my carrier I should have found someone that works at Nokia and got it from them like  Tamerbatar did.  Why you ask?

Than I could be running PR1.2 on it and get all the new stuff! That’s right according to thread at Maemo.org  it seems Tamerbatar got his N9 “from a friend who works at Nokia.”  Now he seems to have the “problem” of having “my current unreleased PR1.2 but” doesn’t know  “what can I do when official pr1.2 is released ”

I could solve that “problem” for him right now.  Tamerbatar if you are reading this I will trade you my N9 running PR1.1 for your N9 running PR1.2 I am that good of a person.

Moving on. Luckily he uploaded some screenshots of the new features so I can share them with you.

  1. Folders: If you look at the screenshot below you will see folders will now be available to use on the N9 in this build. While I think these might “break the flow” of the MeeGo OS it’s nice to know will be able to use them if you wanted to.           
  2. Copy and Paste: This is something that wasn’t up to par on the N9. I can’t wait to see how they improve this feature.          
  3. Video Calling: While I don’t use video calling myself i know it is very important to some and it is nice to see that this came along for the ride. There is no screen shot of this in action but you can see it listed  in the update in the screenshot  below.

I couldn’t find any information on when this update might come to the rest of us but I will let you know as soon as I hear something!

Via: NokiaTips and thanks for heads up @M_Maamoun

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