Nokia Buys “Smarterphone” OS: Why? What is the OS About?

In sort of a surprise move Nokia bought the company that makes the “smarterphone” OS. With all of the OS’s Nokia currently has under it’s belt why in the world would they want another one?

Perhaps it’s about Nokia’s recent push to outsource their OS operations and streamline the company. With Microsoft handling Windows Phone, and Accenture now handling Symbian perhaps this is Nokia’s way of “outsourcing” S40/Meltemi.

So what is Smarterphone OS all about? It is a light on processor OS aimed at the low end phone market. With a goal of bring a smartphone experience to emerging markets.

The major features of the OS are:

  • social media
  • sophisticated text entry (character recognition, predictive)
  • advanced web browser
  • advanced address book, integrating all connected services
  • theme switching
  • image viewer with thumbnail scrolling
  • media player for audio and video
  • messaging: email, MMS and SMS
  • JavaME applications engine
  • touch-screen (resistive or multi-touch capacitive)
  • wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • calendar and to-do
  • world wide weather forecasts
  • currency converter with auto updates

After taking a good look at Smarterphone does you can see that the aim of this OS was/is pretty much the goals that Nokia has set out for their low end phones OS’s. So perhaps this purchase of Smarterphone makes more sense than it seemed to at first blush.

Via: into mobile

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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