Holy Cow Batman!! A Dark Night Branded N9!


Take a good look at the picture above…it may look like one of those 40 Dark Night branded Lumia 800’s but look again.  Check out the position of the flash..that’s right! It’s an N9!

This phone belongs to one Whatleydude (aka James Whatley) who bravely     “volunteered” his own N9 to be a guinea pig to test the Dark Knight engraving process or in his own words:

We had to create 40 Dark Knight branded Nokia Lumia 800s for an upcoming project* however, at the time, we didn’t have any Lumias to experiment with – so I volunteered my own N9.

Same body, same case, same result.

I’m now the owner of the only Batman-branded Nokia N9 in the world. Amazing 🙂

Amazing indeed Mr. Whatley amazing indeed!

Via: MyNokiaBlog