Mobile Wallets are Here Via NFC Well….If Here is India


Paymate has teamed up with Nokia to bring “Mobile Wallets” to India. Right now NFC is only used for a limited amount of mundane tasks. Such as sharing text, images, URLs, email address, connecting you to site, a quick like on Facebook etc…

But now Paymate has upped the ante with Inter Bank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS).  This mean that right now in India you can pay for things using just your phone no need to carry a wallet.

This leads me up to my dream day in the future when I can jump in my car (unlocking with NFC from my phone) push the button to start it (also using an NFC signal from my phone) pay using mobile wallets, go back home and have the front door open automatically. (that’s right using a NFC signal from my phone!)

Ironically that day I just described to you is easily possible RIGHT NOW and it all starts with the mass adoptions of mobile wallets in India. Come on India lead the way you can do it!!

Via: fone arena