Bjong anyone? Use your phone, play a game, keep fit!!

Bjong? What is is Bjong? Bjong is a game where you use a snail to keep balls up in the air without letting them touch the ground. With a twist….

To move the snail you must actually run!  Here is an explain straight from the official site:

Bjong is an outdoors game that gets you moving. Your game character is Bjong snail which follows your movement. Move right, snail moves right. Move left, snail moves left. Hit the balls and keep them in the play, collect yummies and avoid poison berries to earn points. Earn even more points by running. Beat the high scores and get really fit! From settings you can select difficulty level, size of the game area and number of balls. The bigger the game area, the further you need to move. Have fun!

The game can be played with a very small area, a path of only 5 meters is well enough for playing Bjong. However, with Bjong it is possible to choose a much more physical gaming experience. For example, Bjong path of 500 meters will certainly push you to the limits.

Still kinda confused? This video will explain all.


Bjong is avilable in the OVI Store here and cost $1.99. I have not actually played Bjong yet, but hopeful I will be able to soon. I really don’t get a lot of exercise sitting in front of this computer typing articles for you.

via nokia converisions

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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