This Is Why Nokias Lasts So Long…Nokia Testing Lab Tour


Some lucky devil over at Phone Arena got to tour the Nokia Testing labs. This is where Nokia engineers and designers torture Nokia phones to make sure every component lasts and lasts.

This is the reason I keep buying Nokia phones they just never die! This also explains why my E61 kept working after being dropped in Mt. Dew. (long story)

Keep your eyes peeled at the 5:57 mark, the tour guide takes his phone out of his pocket to test and it is the X7 branded as the AT&T Nokia Journey! This shows you just how close the X7 came to shipping to the states.  Also the “tumbler” test at the 15:00 minute mark makes me cringe every time I watch it.

I am just guessing that other phone manufacturers (I am looking directly at you Apple) don’t test their phones for durability like this!  You HAVE TO respect Nokia for this!

Via: Phone Arena