iPhone 4s Camera Still Not Even Close to the N8’s

For those of you wondering about all the claims that Apple made about the 4s camera being the “best ever”….Well it’s not true and the N8 is still best Camera Phone by leaps and bounds.

Over at All About Symbian they have a great post that backs up what we knew all along.  The N8 is still king of the camera phones.

Thanks to Steve Litchfield for taking the time to get the data!

Thanks to Apple for making such a outlandish claim!

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  1. Nothing beats the N8 still… and I’m surprised no manufacturer has challenged them. The iPhone 4s is the closest thing now but still… a hardcore N8 user like myself won’t ditch this phone. Would a N8 user ditch the N8 if an Android phone came along with the same or better camera specs. I think millions of them would… if the price was right. I really hope Nokia doesn’t drop the ball here and fail to make a WP7 device with N8 camera specs. It’s only a matter of time before another manufacturer does.

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