Review Nokia BH-905i noise cancellation bluetooth headset

A product that I got to test extensively in a real life situation was the Nokia BH-905i. This headset showed up the day before I left for Vegas. What a perfect time for for them to show up right before I was to leave on a 5 hour plus flight!
How did they fair?? Read on and find out….

The Nokia BH-905i is the updated version of the the Nokia BH-905. I never had my hands on the original BH-905 however from what I can find on the web it seems these are lighter, smaller, and more comfortable.

First lets take a tour around the headphones.

On this side of the headphones there is the Bluetooth power button on the top and the play/pause button on the bottom. To the right and to the left is the change track buttons.

On the left you see the switch to turn the noise cancellation on and off, and a charging port. On the right side there is the volume switch and headphones jack.

So how did these headphones fair on my trip? Pretty well. After a few hours on my head I barely noticed them, they are really comfortable. I truly expected them to bother me after a few hours or to slip off my head.
I found the sound of my music/TV to be clear and of good quality, and the noise cancellation being on did not interfere at all with the audio quality.  Don’t get me wrong you are not getting a pair of Dre Beats here…but you already knew that. I tried these headphones wired and Blue-toothed there was no noticeable sound denigration between the two of them.

The buttons all seemed to be placed in a reasonable spot…..the one thing that I would have liked is if the noise cancellation would give you more of a visual indicator of when it was on. I found myself leaving the ANC on even when not in use. The only indicator you can see is that tiny light on the left hand side under the ANC switch. On the flight home this was not an issue because it was dark however, on the way there the light was barely noticeable at all.

The battery life on these headphones was great! I used them the entire flight both ways and never ran out of a charge. On the way there I was plugged into the in flight entertainment and on the way back I was connected Bluetooth to my sound machine app. Naturally I charged them at the hotel during the weekend but the that one charge lasted the entire five hour trip.

The noise cancellation work flawlessly on these. I was stuck right next to the engine, and even though it didn’t make the engine noise disappear (nothing would) it really made the engine noise fade into the background. With the movie going on in the headphones, I didn’t notice the engine. On the way back with “sound-machine app”  going I barely heard anything thing on the plane and slept the entire way back.

Here are the specs for these headphones.

Sadly I did not get to test the call quality of these headphones too much before I had to send them back. From the little bit of testing I did. they seem to work great around the house. However I did not test them in noisy situations to see how they would fair.

Overall I would recommend these headphones! They are the same (or better) at noise cancellation as the Bose headphones (or other competitors headphones) but at 2/3rd’s of the price.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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