Nokia Wants Business to Get Social “The Easy Way” With NFC Hub

Nokia is now pushing the future of advertising one business, one poster, and one cell phone at a time. By helping businesses make it easier for you, their customer to connect using NFC.

Essentially instead of you seeing a poster telling you to “like” a service or a place on Facebook, than having to fire up Facebook, look up the place, and click the like button, you would just tap your phone on the poster. That’s it! You would be done!

Here is a video of it an action with a foursquare check in.

Pretty cool and easy right?!?  Almost like something you would do just because it was fun.



Here is how it would work with Facebook at real business…




It can even be used on business cards so you wouldn’t lose the card, or even have to transfer the information into your phone.




This use of NFC not only makes the business’s life easier it also can make promotions and discounts easier for you to use.


Yeah, NFC is some pretty cool stuff. I’m hoping it takes off a quicker than those awful 2D barcodes and I predict it will even take their place in the future, and oh yeah…..Don’t forgot to follow me on Twitter!

Via nfc-hub, nokia converisions

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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