Nokia Still King of the Upper, Upper End of the Smartphone Market With Vertu

While Nokia is currently struggling in the high end smartphone market, it is absolutely killing it in the “upper, upper high end” smartphone market. What do you mean you say? Read on and you will find out….

 The phone pictured above is the Vertu (aka Nokia) Constellation Quest it has 8Gb of internal storage, a 5mp camera on the back It comes from a line of phones that is regularly framed in gold, lined in diamonds, faced with sapphire crystal, and has keyboards made of precious gemstones.  This upscale E6 is selling almost as fast as Nokia can make them. It is a status symbol for the super rich.

What? Glorified a non-touch screen E6 is a super status symbol? Why? How much could it possibly cost?

That’s right 8,400 USD! Not only is this phone a must have for the super rich  in America, Vertu is also growing by leaps and bounds in other countries. According to a recent report done by tekedia Vertu “is growing at more than 50% annually as sales jump in China and Russia”

Want some accessories for your 8,400 dollar phone? Of course you do! You are going to need an extra wall charger, (your house is huge remember?) a car charger, and  a case to protect your phone.  Nokia has you covered for a mere 510 dollars. (don’t even ask about the Bluetooth that’s an extra $790)

Want to know how you would care for such a high end phone? Let’s just say you have to treat it better than I treat my N8 (which is pretty good BTW)  Here is the list of things to do and not do to take care of your Vertu:


Vertu products have been crafted from some of the finest materials. Here are some general care tips for keeping your Vertu in good condition.

  • Keep your Vertu phone dry. All types of liquids or moisture can contain minerals capable of corroding electronic circuits. If your device does get wet, remove the battery and allow the device to dry completely before replacing it.
  • Do not use or store your Vertu phone in dusty, dirty areas. Particles of dust can damage moving parts and electronic components.
  • Do not store your Vertu phone in hot areas. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic components, damage batteries and deform or melt certain plastics.
  • Do not store your Vertu phone in cold areas. When the phone returns to its normal temperature, condensation can form inside and damage the electronics.
  • Do not attempt to open your Vertu phone other than as instructed in the User Guide.
  • Do not drop, knock or shake your Vertu phone; rough handling can break internal electronics and fine mechanics, as well as damage the exterior of your Vertu phone. Vertu recommends that you store your handset in a compatible Vertu case when not in use.


Vertu recommends you avoid the following:

  • Direct exposure to strong light, heat and humidity
  • Contact with items and substances that may stain or scratch the surfaces.

If your Vertu phone accidentally gets wet, it is essential that you dry it as soon as possible with a soft absorbent cloth.


Vertu recommends that you occasionally wipe the exotic leather in the direction of the scales with a slightly damp soft cloth, avoiding excessive pressure.

  • If your phone accidentally gets wet, it is essential that you dry it as soon as possible with a soft absorbent cloth.
  • Direct exposure to strong light, heat and humidity should be avoided, as well as contact with items and substances that may stain or scratch the surfaces.
  • Vertu recommends that you store your handset in the pouch provided when not in use, to help protect it.

Should you need to return your exotic leather product, and you are a resident in any of the following countries, Vertu recommends that you visit your nearest authorized retailer, who will be able to liaise directly with Vertu Service Centre: Anywhere within the EU, Hong Kong, China, Russia and the United Arab Emirates

If you live in a country that is not listed, we recommend that you contact Vertu Customer Service for further advice


Each piece of leather used by Vertu’s craftsmen is unique. The natural markings present in the hide should be considered part of the individuality of fine leather. All leather can be damaged and should be treated with care.

Avoid the following:

  • Exposure to water and high humidity
  • Dropping, rubbing or knocking on hard surfaces
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Contact with oily substances, make-up and solvents


Vertu metals are finished to a high standard and care needs to be taken to maintain their appearance.

Avoid the following:

  • Contact with chemicals such as solvents, alkaline and acid solutions, cola-based drinks and exposure to salt water. Wipe with a clean, soft cloth as soon as possible if contact occurs.
  • Contact with sharp objects.
  • Dropping or knocking against hard surfaces.
  • Metal polishes.


Precious metals, such as gold and platinum, have a much softer composite and extra care must be taken when handling a Vertu product containing these materials.


Precious stones are extremely hard and durable, but can be damaged if handled inappropriately. For example, they can be broken by a sharp impact on a hard surface or the settings could be damaged, causing the stone to become loose or fall out.

Care should also be taken to avoid contact with other jewelry such as diamond rings and diamond earrings as they can cause abrasion and chipping of the stone or the setting. Reasonable care should be taken to not catch the setting with threads which may bend the setting and loosen the stones.

We recommend that your Vertu phone is kept in a Vertu leather case when not being used, particularly when placed in handbags and other luggage.

If the stones appear to become dull from use, the product can be lightly polished using the Vertu microfiber polishing cloth


Sapphire and ceramics are very hard materials but are also brittle and can be scratched by harder materials or objects. They can also be damaged if dropped.

Avoid the following:

  • Contact with other hard materials such as diamond jewelry, nail files, abrasives, and mineral crystals.
  • Dropping or knocking the product on hard surfaces.
  • Repeated rubbing against hard surfaces.


Everyone got it? Make sure you ” wipe the exotic leather in the direction of the scales”  Don’t make that rookie mistake of wiping your exotic leather against the grain of the scales.

The Vertu Constellation Quest isn’t even the most expensive of the Vertu line up….

This is:

The Constellation Ayxta can be yours for only 8,600 USD.

I have to hand to Nokia it truly does take a special kind of marketing genius to have your most desired phones to be low, low end 30 dollar phones and high, high, high end 6,800 dollar phones. (This give me hope for the mid range market where me and you shop.)

Want one? Go to the Vertu home page here.


Via: technobuffalo


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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