The Nokia 603 (E6 Successor?) Passes The FCC Test

For what it’s worth the Nokia 603 is now in the hands of the FCC for testing. There is not a lot of information on this phone right now because of this:


Pursuant to Sections 0.457 (d) (l) (ii) and 0.459 of the Commission’s Rules, the Applicant hereby
requests confidential treatment of some of the information accompanying this Application of FCC
ID: LJPRM-779 and as outlined below:
– Exhibit 4: Block Diagram
– Exhibit 5: Schematic Diagrams
– Exhibit 10: List of Active Devices and Tune-Up Procedure
– Exhibit 12: Theory of Operation / Description of Circuitry

– Exhibit 3: External photos
– Exhibit 7: Test setup photos
– Exhibit 8: User’s manual
– Exhibit 9: Internal photosThese materials contain trade secrets and proprietary information not customarily released to
the public and the public disclosure of these matters might be harmful to the Applicant and
provide unjustified benefits to its competitors.
The Applicant understands that pursuant to Rule 0.457 (d) (l) (ii) disclosure of this

Lucky for us these agreements are normally only 45 days long and it was signed on the September 23rd so….another Nokia World Phone?

Since I am only a Nokia Geek not a Tech Speak Geek I have no idea what most of this report says. So if you are a Tech Speak Geek here is the full report on the 603. If you can figure out anything let us know. For right now I can only tell you it’s a GSM phone and here is what the label looks like.

Everything else I have for you is only a RUMOR from hottest-review who apparently does speak  “Tech Speak Geek” .

This phone will be a Belle Phone which probably means that the FCC testing does not mean it will be for sale in the US. Rather that it is a formality incase one ever lands on US shores.

It will process at less than 1Ghz speed, have wifi, be NFC enabled, include GPS (aka Nokia maps), and have a Micro SD slot.

If you have anymore info on this phone let us know…we love to listen and learn about all things Nokia!!


Via: hottest-review

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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