Nokia’s Symbian Agreement With Accenture Complete


It’s now official,  if you love Symbian for the next four years Accenture will be the company that supports you and keeps your updates coming.  According to Business Watch Nokia and Accenture

have closed the agreement for Nokia to outsource Symbian software development and support activities to Accenture. Under the agreement, originally announced on June 22, 2011

What does this mean to you as a customer? Not much…it’s just part of business Nokia streamlining to say competitive in the new mobile phone landscape. For some Nokia employees it means a new employer.  Nokia has transferred around 2,300 of them to Accenture from around the world.

I like this for two reasons: First, this means 2,300 people who would be jobless now still have job. Second, this means that same people that have worked on Symbian for years will still be working on Symbian and the quality we are use to from Symbian will not diminish.

Via  marketwatch