Meltemi Equals Low End Windows Phone? (aka I Am So Confused))

So by now you probably heard that Nokia is working on an OS for their low end phones code named Meltemi. It is widely reported that this OS would be Linux-based  and would replace the S40 platform.

All of these facts are attributed to an internal memo that The Register got their hands on and broadcasted for the world to see. Buried WAY down at the bottom of this article is this statement from the memo:

┬áOulu is planned to become a core site with a focus on Featurephone Product Development and Meltemi [Nokia’s codeword for Windows Phone – ed].

So according to the memo Meltemi is just Nokia’s codeword for Window Phone??┬á Does this mean Nokia is working with Microsoft to bring Windows Phone to super low end phones?

So yeah I am a little confused right now…..all “sources” out there claim Meltemi is a┬áLinux-based OS that will replace the S40 OS, expect for the source that saw the memo that all other sources are feeding from.

So after seeing the excerpt from the memo, I tried to find the source of the Linux news. It turns out to be The Wall Street Journal reporting that┬áMary McDowell is heading up Meltemi, that it is Linux-based and it is intended for use on low-end smartphones. The website┬á BGR┬á┬á claims to have “independently┬áconfirmed the report”┬á But BGR gave no other details on how it was confirmed.

So we have two very reliable sources reporting two very diffrent things….. Am I the only one confused here?┬á The Wall Street Journal/BGR report makes the most sense however it stands in direct contradiction to the leaked memo straight from Espoo itself.

Via: BGR,  The Register

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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