Nokia Phones (N8, C6-01)Going Up in Price on Amazon?


So as I was cruising the web today I noticed that Nokia phones have gone UP IN PRICE on Ten dollars on the N8 all colors expect the orange which isn’t even in stock right now by Amazon and the pink. (which only went up around 3 dollars)

Also the lesser known C6-01 went up a whopping twenty-five dollars or 10 percent!!

I really can’t figure out why the sudden price increase in Nokia phones.  Is the parts shortage from the Japanese Quake finally affecting prices after Amazon’s stock ran out?  Is there some type of run on Symbian phones by Symbian die-hards before “the end” comes?

What ever it is there seems to be either a spike in demand for Nokia phones or perhaps  a shortage of Nokia phones that caused the prices to rise. I can’t think of another market force right now that would affect prices this way.