Nokia N9 available for pre-order at Nokia store in Shenzhen, China (诺基亚 N9) via @taike_hk


Our friend @taike_hk tweeted that he pre-ordered the Nokia N9 at the Nokia store in Shenzhen, China.  We are excited for him that he will soon own the magenta N9.

He uploaded some pics of the brochures and the in-store display. Did you notice the X7 in the background of the in-store display pic?  It was announced recently that Nokia N9 won’t be available in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I believe many will flock to Shenzhen, one of the closest city in China from Hong Kong border, which is only a train ride away. The retail price is RMB 4999 (US $782/€580). I assume is for the 16 GB version, which is pretty much in line with the Australian suggested retail price (AU $ 799).

As an added bonus, he is also showing us a picture with 3 demo units (sales mockup of the N9) received last week during the geek Nokia party in Tokyo, Japan.

Many of us who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest MeeGo device because they are not part of the initial launch market, will have to order it from a reputable online store.  There are already some eBay postings for the N9, please make sure it’s from a reputable seller.

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We’d like to thank @taike_hk for allowing us to quote his tweets.