The Nokia Gift Machine…Great idea 1000 Heads!!


Now I am not one to use a Foursquare check in, (I just never really “got it” does anyone out there really care if I’m at Wal Mart?) but the folks over at 1000 heads finally found a way that would make me do it!

It’s the Nokia Gift Machine!

The Nokia Gift Machine is currently sitting at Social Media Week Glasgow   and it essentially boils down to, you do a Foursquare check in and you get a prize. The video below shows candy bars but there are rumors floating about that there are new Nokia phones in there!


If you are lucky enough to find yourself in front of one these all you have to do is…

  1. Open Foursquare on your phone
  2. Find the Nokia Gift Machine @ SMW
  3. Check-in using the #NokiaConnects hashtag
  4. Share to Twitter
  5. Collect your prize


Wonder if this machine will be coming to the US anytime soon?


Via 1000 Heads