Swype for Symbian 2.0

Nokia Beta Labs has just released a new and improved version of  Swype, and I couldn’t be more excited. If you have been following me for any length of time you would know that Swype is one app that I CAN’T be without.

Before I move on to Swype 2.0 lets give you a quick video lesson on Swype itself in case you don’t know what Swype does.


Got it? Great, now lets move on to Swype 2.0.

According to Nokia Beta Labs. Here are the major changes you can expect to see from the latest version of Swype.

  • Portrait and split-screen support for devices with Symbian Anna
  • Cutting-edge predictive tap auto-correction engine
  • 30 downloadable language dictionaries
  • Many incremental UX changes based on Nokia and Android Beta Labs feedback
  • Hundreds of bug fixes. Too many to list!

Now does all of these updates and fixes make a tangible difference in the way  Swype feels as your are “Sywping”? Yes, overall the experience is a better one, not that Swype was a bad program to start with, this version just feels tighter and more polished.

Even though this Program is in Beta it acts like a finished product and so you shouldn’t see any slow down or ill effects on your phone at all. ( I haven’t ever seen any from Swype and I have been running it since the first one was in Beta) According to Nokia  this beta version “..is only expected to run 4 weeks. ”

So do you want to check it out before everyone else gets a chance to? Of course you do! You can download Sywpe here.

Via Nokia Beta Labs



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