Nokia N9 將不會在香港推出(補充:台灣也不會)



That title pretty much sums up the disappointment surrounding the N9 launch in a lot of places around the world.  Oh wait let me translate it for you….  Nokia N9 will not be launched in Hong Kong (Added: Taiwan will not)   

Why all of sudden is Nokia pulling the N9 from key markets? No one knows for sure but best guess is not enough of a supply. According to Eldar Murtazin who  Tweeted this….




Why such a low volume of units for such a high demand phone? No one knows for sure but I’m guessing two words can sum it up…..Windows Phone.  Not only is it widely rumored that the first Windows Phone will be made on the same hardware (Sea Ray) as the N9 but, (I’m only speculating here) if you latched your companies success to Windows Phone you wouldn’t want a strong MeeGo buzz floating around when you released your first Windows Phone. Now would you?


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