“The Most Advanced Camera of Any Smartphone” The myTouch 4G Slide?

Alright does anyone believe for second that this claim by T-Mobile is true?  Anyone, Anyone, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?  Right, I really didn’t think anyone did, but let us have fun and dive into this “most advanced camera of any smartphone” and see what makes it better than the N8 shall we?

Alright so here it is that list of advanced features that is going to make you throw your N8 into the trash, call off work, and run down to the T-Mobile store to get a myTouch 4G Slide ASAP!

So here we go it’s got an 8Mp camera, wait a minute my N8 has a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a Xenon flash. There must be more to this camera after all it is “The most advanced Camera of Any Smartphone”

Ok lets see, FRONT FACING CAMERA OMG!!! wait looking back at my old phones even my 3 year old Nokia 5800 has one of those. Next thing on the list “Zero shutter lag” what does that mean? (looking at the official site now) Here it is it means “Capture what you see instantly by pressing the shutter and taking the picture.” So it just takes the picture without focusing?? Or does this mean my N8 takes pictures of other random stuff that I don’t see, like parallel universes or black holes?  BTW the “shutter lag”  on the N8 is 150ms. The average human reaction time is 250ms, so this lag is Kinda  hard for us to perceive.

Wait there it is, there is the one key feature that make it “The most advanced Camera of Any Smartphone” it’s..it’s..it’s a dedicated camera button!!! I almost fell of my chair when I read that one!  Think about it, there is a button, and when you press it,( are you sitting down?) the camera takes a picture!! That sounds like something straight out of the future!!

BSI sensor….translation into English it takes decent pictures in low light…let’s see does my N8 do that??  Oh yeah… I almost forgot the N8 uses the largest image sensor ever in a mobile. So one would have to assume the N8 is a tad better than the myTouch 4G Slide in low light conditions.

Sweep Shot….this is another name for Nokia Panorama  which happens to be free at the OVI store and one would imagine would look much better taken with the N8 12mp Carl Zeiss lens than the 8mp myTouch 4G Slide lens. I could be wrong here, I mean the myTouch does have “The most advanced Camera of Any Smartphone”

Look I could go on and on and on here about what a ridiculous claim T-Mobile has made here and I could continue to be sarcastic for another thousands words or so, but you get the point. If you are touting that your camera phone has a “dedicated camera button” the odds are pretty high that you do not have  “The most advanced Camera of Any Smartphone”

If you want to check out the facts for yourself,  here  is the mytouch 4G Slide page, and here is “all the FAQ’s about the Nokia N8’s Camera.

Via T-Mobile Nokia Conversions

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