Anna Oh Anna Where art thou Anna..Oh, There You Are


So you are being a good little boy and not flashing your phone to get the Anna update. You sit patiently and just wait for it. Well according to a post from Nokia support your  patience is about to pay off.

According to this post from skyee (Nokia Employee) Anna will coming to most key markets in the next “couple of weeks”

Here are all the details:

Hi all,


we had an additional 4 countries going live with Symbian Anna today and also released more updates for countries that have already launched Anna in the previous weeks. (Attached is as usually the list of product codes that now have Symbian Anna available for download.)


GoLive week37:

– Italy – except 3Italy (and updates only possible via OviSuite)

– Switzerland – except Swisscom

– Turkey

– Taiwan


Additional variants added for the following countries:

– Peru – operator variants

– Chile – operator variants (C6-01 Claro, C7 Movistar, N8 Entel)

– Argentina – Claro & Movistar

– Slovakia – T-mobile

– Germany – T-mobile


The following key countries are still outstanding and planned for a launch in the next couple of weeks: Australia, USA, Canada





Via Nokia