Unboxing/First Impressions Nokia C6-01

I just got a Nokia C6-01 a few days ago….although I haven’t had it long enough to do a full review on it, I feel obligated to do a first impressions on it. I say that because either you have never heard of the C6-01 or you know very little about it.

First off lets get it out there, this phone is small compared to most smartphones out there today.

Here is it next to the Nokia 5800 (aka the Tube)

As you can see it is smaller than the 5800 but the screen is a little bigger, they are both 3.2 inch screens but the C6-01’s screen is shaped in that more modern style of screen.

The C6-01 feels really good in the hand it is made of real metal with a Gorilla Glass front so it has some weight to it. I feel that is a good thing and makes stand out from the current crop of plastic phones out there.

I find myself VERY impressed with the Clear Black Display everything really looks sharp on the screen. I can’t find the exact stats right now on it, but there  is slightly less pixels than the retina display on the iPhone 4 however with the screen being smaller I believe the DPI is better.  (I will have to do more research on that for you.)

Everything on the phone seems placed well, even the fact that charge port, the usb port, and the headphone jack are all on the bottom of the phone works well for me. This makes it very easy to charge and hook up to your car stereo at the same time.

As for the size of the phone itself I really like it. I don’t have to stretch, reach, or pull my thumb out of  joint to reach any part of  screen.  I am having no problems typing on this phone, (I use Swype) or reading anything on the web.

The other main knock on this phone seems to be battery. While the battery is smaller than other Nokia phones it lasts me all day with heavy use. I tend to be a “power user” of smart phone, so have either an data internet connection going all day or wifi hooked up  all day. Either way plan on charging this phone once a day if you are like me, but you shouldn’t run out of juice during the day either.

As far as the specs go take the C7, make it smaller, pop out the NFC, and 8Gb of memory and that is the C6-01. Also, it might come running Anna straight out of the box pending on when it was manufactured, the newer ones do, mine did not.

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