“Secret” Phone..Nokia 703 Windows Phone or Just an N9?

Over at WP Central they got this photo with this story behind it.

Robert Scobble was in the midst of travels when he ran into Reno Marioni, who runs global partnerships for Nokia. Scobble was able to glance at one Nokia phone (seen above) and learned that there was a “secret” phone in the man’s briefcase that he couldn’t not check out.

Because the status bar looked like this


and the N9 status bar looks like this

They concluded that we are looking at the N9 and not a Windows Phone. I disagree, that phone he is carrying looks smaller than the N9.

Also from the way he is covering up the bottom buttons (I mean why would you hide the N9? It has already been shown off to the public?) we would have to assume he is covering up the three “Windows buttons.” Plus the smaller size lends itself to be the leaked/rumored smaller Nokia Windows Phone 703 with the 3.7 inch screen.

Do I have any proof that this is the 703? No, but someone from Nokia would not be hiding any part of the N9 from public view. I’m not sayin’… I’m just sayin’


Update: Thanks to one astute James Whatley for picking up on this and leaving it in the comments section.

“He’s not covering up the buttons, he’s demonstrating the NFC capabilities of the N9 with an NFC-enabled card [the result being a foursquare check-in at Nokia Inc].”

Mystery Solved

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  1. I completely agree with you. I can set up my new idea from this post. It gives in depth information. Thanks for this valuable information for all. And of course nice review about the application. 

  2. Hi,
    I was showing Robert the Nokia N9 with NFC capabilities – the white card is a NFC card.  I was running to catch my flight to NYC and Robert asked if he could take a picture and I whipped out my NFC tag from my walled to demonstrate.  I do have a top secret device and cannot show to anyone under any circumstances..for obvious reasons…[email protected] Whatley is right about the N9 + NFC

    • First let me say thank you on behalf of nokiainnovation for even responding and confirming about the n9 and the secret device,1 quick question can you say if its a wp device and if it is, is it Nokia 1st wp or something coming later on.

      • you are welcome … however, i cannot confirm anything else about the secret device.  Nokia is focusing, in tandem with Microsoft, on delivering a great ecosystem of partner applications on Nokia devices and we are making rapid progress in that direction.  That is the main thrust moving forward for gaining global market traction and distribution for consumers and operators.

  3. He’s not covering up the buttons, he’s demonstrating the NFC capabilities of the N9 with an NFC-enabled card [the result being a foursquare check-in at Nokia Inc].

      • Yep.

        “We really want to believe what we see above is a Nokia Windows Phone with NFC on board–after all, he’s blocking those distinctive Windows keys, right? Unfortunately, no. If you look at the top bar with the service icons (battery, time, signal) you’ll see these match up with the N9 exactly. So that’s a shame.”

      • as always super sharp Mr. Whatley solves the mystery. We should create a new Novel James with you as the lead,The Whatley Files.

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