5 Things that Nokia Will Help Nokia Be Great Again

With the recent report of Nokia second quarter numbers, there has been a lot of talk about the premature demise of Nokia. While Nokia is not the smartphone giant it use to be, it can be again! Here are five things that Nokia needs to do to regain it’s spot on top of the smartphone mountain.

1) Hardware- Nokia has always been known for having great hardware, the type of phone you can drop, and not worry about it. Now Nokia must go a step further, they must up their game in the specs deptartment. Symbian has always been an efficient OS which allowed Nokia to get away with “unpowered” phones, now they are going to be running Windows Phone in which the Minimum processor speed is 800Mhz. This is a faster processor speed  than any phone they have on the market now.
Also they most continue to make phones with outstanding designs, with Nokia now running a non propriety OS they need to continue to make phones that stand out from the crowd design wise, and feature wise. They need to have a hook to lure consumers in much like the N8’s outstanding camera, or the X7’s design ques.
Nokia needs make a ridiculously over spec’d phone: 1.7 Ghz Dual Core processor with a 4.4 inch screen, a 14mp Carl Ziess camera, with 64 GB of internal memory with a micro Sd card slot that takes a up to 64GB card. Even if it is too expensive for most people to buy it would get people talking about Nokia being a leader again in the cell industry and get everyone buzzing again about Nokia phones.
2) Customization With HTC, Samsung, etc…. all making Windows Phones these days Nokia needs to take the latitude that Microsoft gave them with OS design and allow a Nokia Windows Phone to be different.   Perhaps a Symbian type of folders on the main home screen, or allowing you pick your own custom picture as a background on all your titles on the main screen.
Not only would this make a Nokia phone stand out from the crowd of Window Phones in the mind of new customers but it would also give current Nokia user (and Symbian fans) a certain level of  comfort to make the transition to Windows Phones.
3) Carriers Nokia needs to get their phones into carriers stores. This has been Nokia’s downfall in the North American Market for years now. If you really want to get mass adoption in the North American Market your phones need to be subsidized by a carrier, bottom line. Almost no one will spend $400 on a Nokia Windows Phone if they can get the same phone made by HTC for $49.99.  Nokia needs to get in bed with the big boys once again (AT&T, Verizon, Rodgers) if they expect to dominate the market again. This means Nokia will have to start making CDMA phones, and they will have to have do plenty of the number 4 thing on my list…..
4) Advertising- This one may seem like a no brainier however..not a lot of  tech companies are doing this right. Not only do you need to sell your phone to the consumer you also need to sell it to the carrier. This will take money, fortunately Nokia has already set aside over 100 million dollars for this campaign plus they can piggy back off of Microsoft’s large campaign to augment their own.
Nokia, be warned money itself does not make a successful ad campaign on it’s own. There are a lot of products out there that have had HUGE advertising campaigns and fell flat on their face. (see the N-Gage)
You need to sell it in right way, show the benefits to the consumer, if you do that you can sell anything in mass numbers. Take the iPhone for example…We all know that there are many phones on the market right now that are much better than the iPhone in terms of specs and usability. Yet it is the dominate smartphone of today. Why? A great ad campaign that shows the benefits of the phone to the consumer, with tag lines that make you think only their phone can pull off these feats of wonder.
5) Testing, testing, testing– In today’s smartphone market when you get a phone it needs to just work. There is no room for any type of hiccups or glitches, the consumer is now very finicky and will not put up with any type of flaw for very long. Nokia needs to make sure that any phone they put out will run Windows Phone flawlessly, and easily. Even though there is great pressure on Nokia to put out a Windows Phones yesterday, Nokia needs to make sure that the first Windows Phone is perfect. Nokia is only going to get one chance at relaunching and rebranding and they CAN NOT afford to screw it up.
This is just as important when Nokia launches it’s second wave of Windows Phones with the Nokia customizations (WP8?) for Nokia to succeed.
Bottom Line: Let’s not kid ourselves here, Nokia has a long and difficult path back to the top of the smartphone heap, and there will be a lot of companies trying to ensure Nokia’s failure. But if Nokia takes carefully planned steps they can become  King of the Smartphone Mountain again.
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