Love the “Nokia Tune”? Make it Better Win $10,000


Everyone knows the “Nokia Tune”, right? It has been default ring tone on every Nokia phone since 1994 and it is the worlds most heard ringtone EVER.  Now Nokia is giving you a chance to create the next “Nokia Tune” and make $10,000 in the process.

For the first time ever, Nokia – together with AudioDraft – is asking you to create the next Nokia ring tone.  Simply head on over to  register and create your tune…It’s that simple


What’s in it for me? You ask. Besides the $10,000 your tune will be installed on select phones of Nokia’s 2012 product portfolio, and will be available on some 100 million devices Via the OVI store, this means your tune could be heard over 1 billion times a day.


Here is a review of all the previous Nokia Tunes in video form for you.



Via: Nokia Conversations