Nokia N8 meets Auto Show in NYC


This past weekend I went to the auto show at the Jacob Javitz Center here in NYC, took my 2yr old son, wife, brother, nephew brother in law and sister in law.

We saw plenty of cars and the place was super crowded, 1 thing I notice was more and more people were using there camera phones to take pictures, tons of android and iphone devices that are very capable, but on this day being a N8 owner I knew I was head of class.

That’s the beauty of the N8 camera, I can confidently say no matter where I go, parties, events, clubs, restaurants, & all types of weather, sunny, cloudy, night time, indoor shots the N8 is up for the task.

Have you guys noticed how much more people use there cellphones for pictures and videos these days and what are your thoughts.

Below are some pictures taken at the auto show by the N8 all untouched, was it up for the task.