Why I choose the N8 over the E7.


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I have had My Nokia E7 for  few weeks now , Big Thanks goes out to the good people over at WomWorld for letting me trial one.

The E7 is a device that has me torn, the form factor and build quality are excellent, the 4″ display with cbd is great, although some would prefer a higher resolution I think its fine.

The lack of auto focus and close up shots as well as the non expandable memory (16gb built in) has me scratching my head as to why.

I am currently a N8 user and I love the phone, I have been a long time Symbian user so im comfortable with the os, not that there isn’t room for improvement, but that I find it still very usable contrary to popular belief.

The E7 to me should have just been the keyboard version of the N8, they are basically the same phones aside from the hardware, the E7 sports a full qwerty keyboard which is much better for banging out text or emails on the device, although with the new “Symbian Anna” coming soon this should help the N8 more in terms of typing, the E7 also adds a 4″ cbd display, while the N8 adds the expandable memory and a 12mp xenon flash, w/auto focus camera, fm transmitter and dual charging either thru pinhole or usb.

The N8 to me is the winner here because it truly is the all around performer, the qwerty on the E7 is excellent but I have gotten used to the onscreen keyboard of the N8 so the qwerty alone would not sway me, although this is strictly my Opinion.

They both have full hdmi out but the lack of expandable memory on the E7 again limits the device,

I use the hdmi out on my N8 alot to play video on my hdtv whether there movies I saved to the device, pictures I have taken or videos I recorded using the hd video recorder on the device itself, lets not forget Ovi Maps which allows you to store maps to the phones memory for offline use, which also uses memory as well as well my own music collection, so again the N8 has the clear advantage.

Software on both devices is the same and they both function the same so no advantage, camera on the N8 destroys the E7 overall, from night shots to closeups, to just overall picture taking.

Pricing The N8 is about $200-300 cheaper than the E7 again a no brainer to me, but to be fair the E7 has just been released while the N8 is half a yr old, so the margin wont always be this large.

Let me just say it this way in the weeks I used my E7 I have found myself saying damn wish I had my N8 right now, but never have I ever said while using my N8, I wish I had my E7.

Don’t get me wrong I love the E7, but it wouldn’t sway me from the N8 and the software between the Eseries and Nseries in symbian ^3 don’t seem to be any different as it was in previous symbian versions, its really the hardware that separates these two in my opinion.

This isn’t a review on the E7 just a N8 users take, I will also be taking  camera pics from both the  E7 & the N8 as well as video so stay tuned, if there is anything else you Guys might want to see please feel free to leave some comments.

My good Buddy @mikemacias from The Mobile Fanatics has a very good write up on his blog about his  2 weeks with the E7 with also some nice comparison pics you can see that here, you can also view some other impressions on the E7 here, here and here from our very own Nokiainnovation team.

Below are a few pics of the e7.

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