Using the N8 for Nefarious Purposes?


With great power comes great responsibility. So spoke Peter Parker from Marvel’s Spider Man, and so say I with regards to the N8.

I was in the cinema earlier this week. I wanted to catch the new Coen Brothers’ movie “True Grit”. I went to a local theater and sat in the balcony. The theater was sparsely attended. The trailers were long. Bored, I decided to check my emails on my N8, when all of a sudden I had a thought. I wondered if I could use my N8 as a camcorder to film the movie? This is highly irregular of course, and I had no intent to capture an entire movie, but the question was could I? I had a 16G micro-SD card, and the N8 is capable of capturing HD video. So, was it possible? Camcorders are illegal in movie theaters, but isn’t the N8 capable of acting like a camcorder?

Just as an experiment I decided to film just one-minute of a random trailer. The results were surprising. At 720p with the screen enlarged the video image was clear, but a little grainy. Of course, in a darken theater, you will get noise in the video. The sound was great.

I am not suggesting that N8 users should all go out and become bootleggers, but it is interesting that the technology exists to do so, and it fits right in your pocket.