If you had a Chance to Change and Rebuild a past Nokia Phone. What would it be?

If I had a chance to Change and Rebuild A Nokia phone.. Guess What phone will it be be?

The Nokia 7650.

The 1st Nokia Symbian Phone.

There is something about this phone that I really love..

Love the Design, Love shape.. This was back in 2002.

If I had a chance to change and rebuild this phone.. How and What would it be?

I will make the screen at least 3.5inch Super Amoled

I will change the Slider keys to a raised QWERTY keys

I will make the build a little thinner and smaller.

I will change the camera to a 12MP with CZ lens and a Xenon Flash.

What about you? What Past Nokia phone will you change and rebuild if given a chance? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. My first Symbian phone, the E61
    I would make the screen a 3.2″ by eliminating the navigation joypad and two softkeys (leaving the green/red keys and a home button) Loved the keyboard. Use the uni-body-like design from the N8, 8mp shooter with dual-LED flash.

  2. That’s a good question. Initial thought was the N95 NAM, but I think that I would probably say the N97. Besides the obvious RAM increase, I would rather see the slide keyboard be replaced with an interactive screen (a la Nintendo DS).

  3. Nokia N96.

    Change the screen to 4″ with CBD.

    Remove the navi wheel.

    Change the keypad and upper slide multimedia keys and put a touch sensitive keys with optical track pad and gaming keys too.

    Change the back design to n97 mini.

    Add hdmi and dolby.

    Change the camera to CZ optics and 12 MP sensor and add Xenon.

    Change the OS to Symbian^3.

    And that is!

    The multimedia and gaming device that I ever want.

  4. White N97
    -Remove Symbian
    -Add Android
    -Remove resistive touch screen
    -Add capacitive touch screen
    -Remove internal components
    -Add Hummingbird + 512mb RAM
    -Remove LED flash
    -Add Xenon flash


  5. I’d just like a lot more memory in my N97, then I wouldn’t need the E7 ! Double the C Drive and it would work as it should 🙁

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