If you had a Chance to Change and Rebuild a past Nokia Phone. What would it be?


If I had a chance to Change and Rebuild A Nokia phone.. Guess What phone will it be be?

The Nokia 7650.

The 1st Nokia Symbian Phone.

There is something about this phone that I really love..

Love the Design, Love shape.. This was back in 2002.

If I had a chance to change and rebuild this phone.. How and What would it be?

I will make the screen at least 3.5inch Super Amoled

I will change the Slider keys to a raised QWERTY keys

I will make the build a little thinner and smaller.

I will change the camera to a 12MP with CZ lens and a Xenon Flash.

What about you? What Past Nokia phone will you change and rebuild if given a chance? Share your thoughts below.