Unleash Your Inner Filmmaker with the Nokia N8

Did you know that the Nokia N8 can help you to unleash your inner filmmaker? The N8 has all the right stuff. It has high-quality optics in the 12 mega-pixel Carl Zeiss lens, and, the ability to capture HD video.

I thought about giving a step-by-step, but the video editor is so intuitive that I decided to just share my own personal experience with using the video editor for the first time.

I’ve had the N8 for close to three weeks now, and I’ve been experimenting with the camera taking all kinds of pictures: close-ups, panoramic shots, black & white shots, etc. I knew that the phone had a native video editor, but I’ve not had a lot of time to try and figure it out until this weekend on the train.

I live in Brooklyn, and it is a 40 minute ride (longer on the weekends) to Manhattan. I was tired of Angry Bird, and decided that I would take a look at the video editor. I opened it up, and chose a template. I thought it was cool that the video editor could give my pictures an old grainy vintage look. I love old nostalgic movie clips from the twenties and thirties. The N8 vintage rendered video reminded me of the historical clips in the movie “Forest Gump”.

I chose the vintage template and was then thrown into my photo app. I went through all my pictures, and checked or marked the ones I wanted to be in my movie. The software did the rest by combining and creating the video. I watched what I had just created, and was blown away. Remember, I was doing this on the subway, and it literally took me only a few minutes.

The next step was to add some background music. It’s nerdy, but I really love violin music from the few years that I did the Suzuki violin program. I went through my music tracks and selected a piece call “Nocturne” by Brodin. That was it. The editor incorporated the music into the video. Poof, you had a movie with a soundtrack.

The last step was to upload the video to YouTube. I wanted to share my new artistic creation with the world. I used PixelPipe. That was it. In under five minutes, the entire clip with music was uploaded to YouTube and ready to be shared with all my friends.

I should mention that although the images were captured with the 12 mega pixel setting (the highest), I was disappointed that the YouTube video wasn’t 720p. I’m not sure why, and I couldn’t figure out a work-around. If anyone does know, I’d love it if you would share in the comments.

What I created took literally minutes. With planning you can really create your own movie with the N8. This is what I mean by the N8 has the potential to unleash your inner filmmaker. And of course, don’t forget, you can plug your N8 into your high-def television set with the HDMI adapter, to show your original film to friends and family.

I’m an ex-Blackberry user, and although at times I miss aspects of the Blackberry platform, I do know that I can’t shoot, and edit a movie on a Blackberry.

The N8 is a multi-media beast. It really does challenge you to “do something with it”.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignorehttp://www.OneTechStop.net
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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