Capturing a ING Marathon Video Moment with the N8


I received the Nokia N8 smartphone a day before the marathon and decided to use the HD video capture capability of the phone to create a movie. I had never used iMovie before, and was reacquainting myself with Symbian having been a staunch Blackberry user for the past few years. My efforts will not be the same as these N8 users that created a film using a N8 that just blows my mind. Remember, we are talking about a phone here.

The N8 does come with a native video editor. I have to say it isn’t as sophisticated as the one you can get for the iPhone 4. I ended up actually exporting the raw video footage from the N8 to my Macbook, and using iMovie 08 to complete the editing. But, the point is that there isn’t a competing phone right now in the space that can match the video capture capabilities of the N8.

Click on video below to view. Let me know what you think.